I am a first speaker, goal-driven, self-employed Spanish & English Teacher & Business Spanish & English Trainer. I teach all levels of the language, but mostly intermediate Spanish/English, which is the one required for business purposes. Thanks to my job I am in contact with a wide range of professionals: from military men to traders or journalists. I love what I do: training and motivating people to reach their language objectives. The word ‘stress’ cannot be found in my vocabulary.

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We offer intensive Spanish courses of 30 hours, 60 hours or 90 hours, depending on the level you require. The courses can be individual or group and, for effectiveness, will take place at your location anywhere in the world. Everything that is learned during the course will be carried out in real practice through written assignments (e-mails, newsletters, etc.) and oral production (role-playing, staging, presentations, etc.).

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During my years as a Spanish teacher I've made a lot of assignments for teachers and also for students. These assignments are made to help you to teach or learn the Spanish language in an easy and fun way. Choose in the next step if you are a teacher or a student and get assignements you can use in class or for study purposes.

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There may be some information not fully covered on our website, take a look at our FAQ page which may have the answers to your questions.

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"I love what I do: training and motivating people to reach their language objectives. The word ‘stress’ cannot be found in my vocabulary. Read some training experiences."

  • Yulia B.
    “A very nice and useful training. Just a pity that time flies so fast! Thanks!”
    Yulia B.
    Translation Services
  • Remco B.
    “Antonio is a very sympathetic, passionate teacher who always thinks of how to make the lessons as effective as possible. I also appreciate his flexibility to adjust class hours where necessary. The training has given me more than a good basis to make me understandable in business Spanish and to make contact with my Spanish-speaking colleagues.”
    Remco B.
    Agricultural Products
  • Marijne H.
    “The trainer is very concerned about the students and has helped immensely. I passed my Spanish exam.”
    Marijne H.
    Marketing & Communications
  • Wouter P.
    “Motivated trainer with a good sense of teaching. He is open to questions even outside contact hours. Extremely suitable for the profession that he has. I have improved my Spanish comprehension, as well as my grammar knowledge.”
    Wouter P.
    Marketing & Communications
  • Roos M.
    “It was a great training. Antonio made sure that, despite the obligation, I still wanted to learn Spanish. He has made Spanish educational and fun in an energetic way.”
    Roos M.
    Marketing & Communications
  • Asma A.
    “Keep up the good work!”
    Asma A.
    Marketing & Communications
  • Angligene S.
    “Only a person who has a vocation to be a teacher can have such sensitivity to dictate the course of his specialty. Antonio, thanks for your patience and good advice. Besides being a teacher you are a fantastic business coach that inspires and motivates me. Thanks for being so dedicated.”
    Angligene S.
    Legal Services
  • Joost B.
    “Bring in teachers as this in particular and the achieved objectives will certainly work out well.”
    Joost B.
    Ministry of Defense
  • Jan V.
    “Friendly. Good explanations.”
    Jan V.
    Financial Services
  • Marcelo D.
    “I have learned many new things and facts about Spanish in a way that is easy to remember, without much study. The trainer is easily accessible, enthusiastic and wants to stay as close as possible to the practice.”
    Marcelo D.
    Financial Services
  • Tim S.
    “Super trainer!”
    Tim S.
    Financial Services
  • Timo R.
    “Antonio has adapted the training perfectly to my wishes and level. He has a flexible attitude and explains everything clearly.”
    Timo R.
    Trading Company
  • Andries S.
    “Very special teacher. He knows exactly which parts are difficult for foreign students and pays extra attention to that.”
    Andries S.
    Energy Supplier Company
  • Dennis O.
    “Antonio is a man who puts his soul and bliss into teaching the Spanish language. He does that in a super good way.”
    Dennis O.
    Energy Supplier Company
  • Peter W.
    “Great enthusiasm from Antonio, making lessons very fun and productive.”
    Peter W.
    Sports Goods Company
  • Frederique W.
    “Very nice lessons, interesting and versatile from start to finish! I have more self-confidence in speaking and I am also motivated to continue to an even higher level!”
    Frederique W.
    World Football Players Union Management
  • Ivo O.
    “A good start for Spanish speaking and writing.”
    Ivo O.
    Legal Services
  • Melanie H.
    “Antonio teaches in a very practical way and also tells a lot of background information which I found very useful.”
    Melanie H.
    Imports Company
  • Monique B.
    “Antonio has a nice way of teaching. Seriously combined with jokes in between. I enjoyed participating in the lessons. I have been given even more tools to get started with the Spanish language at work. I have been able to use it a few times. I have clearly been given the tools to use in my job as a receptionist/office assistant. Now I can put that into practice.”
    Monique B.
    Front Office Services
  • Nienke G.
    “We are an international office that communicates with our members in three languages. For that reason it is very valuable to understand more of the Spanish language. Antonio's lessons have certainly contributed to this. The foundation has been laid which is very valuable.”
    Nienke G.
    World Football Players Union Management
  • Raymond B.
    “Very pleasant cooperation. The trainer looks for additional ways to explain the curriculum and tries to get everyone talking. For me it was first of all a freshening up of the Spanish lessons I had about twenty years ago. I was very welcome to get the grammar explained again. Moreover, it was good to speak Spanish again.”
    Raymond B.
    Communication Services
  • Rieneke H.
    “The training has lifted my Spanish to a higher level.”
    Rieneke H.
    Finance Services
  • Wil M.
    “This training has helped me a lot.”
    Wil M.
    Legal Services
  • Djino H.
    “I have learned to speak Spanish and read comprehensively in a short time. This is thanks to the teacher. Antonio is the best teacher I have ever had. He puts all his energy and effort into the lessons and into us. He knows how to teach well in a way that everyone understands.”
    Djino H.
    Customs and Border Protection
  • Shelley K.
    “I can now use the Spanish language effectively during my work.”
    Shelley K.
    Customs and Border Protection
  • Haroun S.
    “Trainer: keep up the good work!”
    Haroun S.
    Customs and Border Protection
  • Chiara W.
    “I want to thank you on behalf of me but also the rest of the class. This really comes straight from my heart. I did not expect myself to come that far and I owe it to you! Thank you so much!”
    Chiara W.
    Hospitality Student
  • Annemay O.
    “Dear Antonio, I have learned from you what I could not have learned from anyone else in this short time. That is why I want to thank you personally very much for everything you have done. The commitment did come from us and you alike. The motivation mainly came from you and your teaching method.“
    Annemay O.
    Hospitality Student
  • Cheyenne S.
    “Dear Antonio, I would like to thank you personally for the lessons you have given us. You have raised the motivation to learn Spanish. ¡Muchas gracias!
    Cheyenne S.
    Hospitality Student
  • Jessica S.
    “Thank you. You are a very kind and a professional teacher. You always have patience and very practical information.”
    Jessica S.
  • Jessica R.
    “Hello sir. You taught me so much in a few lessons. A very good foundation has been laid. I want to thank you for the nice lessons in which we had games, songs and even made a newsletter! We could always ask you questions. I especially want to say that you are a very nice, good teacher. Thank you for that. I will never forget this time!”
    Jessica R.
    Hospitality Student
  • Liesbeth & Rob V.
    “Thank you for all the lessons, your humor and your way of teaching us Spanish.”
    Liesbeth & Rob V.
    State University Students
  • Leontien B.
    “Thank you very much for your effort, patience and enthusiasm. You are a good teacher!”
    Leontien B.
    Ministry of Defense
  • Marissa P.
    “Dear Antonio, Thank you very much for the fun and educational lessons. I am honored and grateful that I have been able to learn the Spanish language from you. I couldn't have done it without you. ¡Muchas gracias!”
    Marissa P.
    Aviation Services
  • Pieter R.
    “Thank you very much for your Spanish lessons. For me it has been more than learning Spanish. I have learned the culture, history and business of Spain as well.”
    Pieter R.
    Real Estate Services
  • Ramon M.
    “Your lessons have been especially suitable for me, because Spanish has always been something magical and you have helped me to understand it in the last ten weeks. I found your lessons very good, entertaining and with a lot of humor. In my opinion you are a reference in the profession.”
    Ramon M.
    Cloud Provider

"The Spanish language is your tool to reach out to
a potential 500M target audience."

"The Spanish language is your tool to reach out to
a potential 500M target audience."